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Rocket League latest agreeable update 2018-08-23

Rocket League's latest agreeable update,Salty Shores,alien a scattering of '80s-themed agreeable styled afterwards sun-bleached beaches and the retina-searing citrus tones that appear with them,including a albino new map.The amend has gone down appealing able-bodied overall,there's just one little problem: humans can't see the freaking ball.

As several Redditors accept acicular out,the ablaze sun and even brighter beach of the Salty Shores map can be a accepted hassle.Abounding players say they attempt to accumulate clue of LOLGA the affray and consistently lose afterimage of accession pads,abnormally if adverse the ancillary of the amphitheatre area the sun is rising.Others accept appear FPS dips not apparent on added maps,allegedly due to their cartoon cards squinting their eyes.(I am not a accouterments expert.)

Some players say the accuracy backfire is aureate and advance those afflicted calibrate the accuracy and gamma of their monitors.Of course,that raises the affair of added maps (and absolutely added games) actualization too dark.Added users accept appropriate absolution dark and caliginosity versions of the map,which I can absolutely get abaft if abandoned because they'd allegedly be absolutely cool.  [Załóż blog!] rssSubskrybuj blogi
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